The 51 Things…A Book You Need to Own

image002‘The 51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged’ is a new book by Michael Batshaw (the real “Hitch”) and this is a book everyone (Men & Women) need to own.

How many people have you known that have gotten engaged to later end the engagment due to “differences”?  or maybe you’ve been in that situation yourself.  The problem comes for not really knowing your partner and/or getting together for all the wrongs reasons.

Well Michael Batshaw has come up with 51 things everyone should know about their partners before getting the ring!!!

With chapters like “Hollywood Gets It Wrong”, “Religion is not unimportant” and “Great Sex will not save a mediocre relationship”.

Excerpt from

#02: Hollywood gets it wrong.

The sentence “This isn’t how it happens in the movies” has been uttered by many a person after the first nine months or so in a new relationship. Like some stereotypes, Hollywood’s portrayal of the bloom of first love, passion, and overcoming odds and adversity has some basis in real life—that’s one of the reasons we may relate to certain characters and situations. We imagine, based on our experience perhaps, things really could be this way, so we suspend disbelief and are drawn into the action. And, if we’re lucky, maybe for an hour, or a day, or a month or two—they are. But the nuts and bolts of working through the hard stuff in a relationship are rarely fully fleshed out on the silver screen. Hollywood’s portrayal of romance has a potent, influential effect on what we feel a relationship should really be with another person, and is capable of diverting our attention from what it actually is. Strange that Hollywood dictates reality for so many, since we ourselves are in fact the real people, and the ones onscreen are the fantasies or caricatures of us…

This is a book all girls need to get for their BFF’s, Sisters, Brothers, whoever!!!

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