Amore Pacific In SoHo

AmorePacificSoHo.jpgI’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: To a Makeup Artist, skin care is #1 on our list of things to keep up with. After all, the skin is our canvas, therefore if you skin isn’t 100% at it’s best, neither is our work.

Now, a lot of people don’t believe in getting facials on a regular basis. There are the excuses: i.e. “too busy“, “too pricey“, “washing 2x a time is enough“, etc…

Well, guess what?

That’s crap.

Just like your house needs a thorough cleaning, so does your skin.

Now, you can go to any local day spa and get your basic facial, but be warned: depending on who is doing the facial and what products they are using, it might not be much help.

I was recently invited to Amore Pacific in Soho for a facial using their Moisture Bound line. I’ve only heard good things about Amore Pacific, but hadn’t tried their products till then.

Like most people in NYC, my skin gets all dry and flakey during the winter, so the Moisture Bound line seemed like a good thing to try.

Located on Spring St between Greene and Mercer, Amore Pacific serves as both a retail shop and a spa in the back. The facial rooms are ultra relaxing with comfortable beds and a semi-separate changing area.

My Esthetician, Sylwia Gorzkowska, was fantastic. After doing the regular skin cleansing, she assessed my skin and came up with a facial that left my skin super soft and smooth; it was amazing.

By using the following products, Sylwia was able to help keep my skin hydrated when I needed it most:

Cleanser: Treatment Cleansing Foam
Toner: Treatment Toner
Exfoliater: Treatment Enzyme Peel
Moisturizer: Oil-Free Hydra GelEye Creme: Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex
Masque: Vitalizing Masque and Clarifying Masque
Facial Spritz: Skin Energy Spray

Since I’m pretty selective with facials (being an licensed Esthetician myself), believe when I say that I will being visiting this place again come spring time to get my skin in shape for the summer months.

XOXO ~ Misti

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