Avatar Coming to DVD/Blue-Ray in 2-D?

The box office take down known as ‘Avatar’ is finally coming to DVD and Blue-Ray!!

‘Avatar’ will be release on Earth Day April 22nd in both DVD ($29.98) and Blue-Ray ($39.99) formats.

That is the good news…The bad news it will only be in 2-D format and it will come with no extras.  Yes, you read that right, the $30 DVD will only come with the movie!  Why you ask, well director James Cameron wants you to be able to see the movie in all its glory (2-D glory that is) and wants all available disc space for that.

But, have no fear, a fully loaded DVD/Blue-Ray will be available..in November 2010 just in time for Christmas shoppers.

Why is it I have a feeling many households will have various copies of ‘Avatar’ lying around.

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