2010 MTV VMA: Taylor vs. Kanye Round 2

I took a break from my Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week coverage to chill out and watch the 2010 MTV VMA’s.

There as been a lot of news hitting the web in the days leading up to the annual MTV awards show about a dueling performance between Taylor Swift and Kayne West (stemming from the heard around world incident at the 2009 VMA’s).

Well, here was did and didn’t happen.  Both Taylor and Kanye performed…just not together as MTV execs wanted.  Taylor performed a new track from her upcoming album titled “Innocent” which is based off the 2009 speech interruption.   Kanye closed the show with is new single “Runaway” that gave a toast to the a**holes.  It does seem that Taylor was supposed to join Kanye during is closing performance but either dropped out last min or just never confirmed.

Judge for yourself after the jump about which song was a better fit for the situation that everyone seems to be over and done with !!

Taylor Swift “Innocent”

Kanye West “Runaway”

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