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The Hotcakes and Why You Should Be Listening

There are lots of bands to be found in New York City, some of them are great, some not so much.  Then there are The Hotcakes, who have a sound that reminds me of a mix between ‘Blondie’, ‘The Ting Tings, and pure rock.

The Hotcakes formed in 2007 after all the members (Erin Marsz, Lee Leshen, Matt Stamm, and Kevin Snider) got together with a need to bring back the sounds of “raucous, sexy rock’n’roll” and in 2008 released their self-titled EP which led to a contract with the MLB The Cincinnati Reds for their song “Paint the Town Red” which became the new anthem for the team.

On Dec 7, 2010 The Hotcakes released the second EP titled “Gonna Go Out”.  The song selections on the EP offer amazing beats from tracks like “Round and Round” and “Gonna Go Out” to my personal favorite “It’ll Be Alright” which has some amazing drum beats and vocals, this track is what fun, sexy rock is all about!

The Hotcakes are currently un-signed but have proved that you don’t need a record label to get noticed in the music industry!

Both EP’s “The Hotcakes” and “Gonna Go Out” are available on iTunes or via TheHotcakes.com.

Download these tracks: “Paint the Town Red”, “It’ll Be Alright

Final Thought: The Hotcakes are a band that everyone needs to know about and that should be included in any rock playlist on your ipod!  They are the definition of what New York City rock is all about!

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