2011-12 TV Renewals Guide

The end of the 2010-11 TV season is upon us, and as we near the end, we all want to know which of our beloved shows are coming back.

Below is our up to date TV Renewals guide.

We will be continually updating this as networks pickup/cancel shows.

Basic Networks


The Bachelor:Renewed
The Bachelorette Renewed
Better With You: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
Brothers & Sisters: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
Castle: Renewed
Cougar Town: Renewed.
Dancing With the Stars: Looking good.
Desperate Housewives: Looking good.
Detroit 1-8-7: Doubtful. Officially Cancelled.
Grey’s Anatomy: Renewed
Happy Endings: Renewed
The Middle: Renewed
Modern Family: Renewed
Mr. Sunshine: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
No Ordinary Family: 50/50 Doubtful. Officially Cancelled.
Off the Map: Too soon to say. Doubtful. Officially Cancelled.
Private Practice: Renewed
V: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
The Amazing Race: Renewed
The Big Bang Theory: Renewed
Blue Bloods: Pretty safe. Officially Renewed.
Criminal Minds: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: Too soon to say. Officially Cancelled.
CSI: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
CSI: Miami: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
CSI: NY: 50/50 Pretty safe. Officially Renewed.
The Defenders: Doubtful. Officially Cancelled.
The Good Wife: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
Hawaii Five-0: Pretty safe. Officially Renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Looking good. Renewed
Mad Love: Too soon to say. Officially Cancelled.
Medium: Goodbye
The Mentalist: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
Mike & Molly: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
NCIS: Renewed
NCIS: Los Angeles: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
Rules of Engagement: 50/50 Officially Renewed.
$#*! My Dad Says: Pretty safe. Officially Cancelled.
Survivor: Renewed.
Two and a Half Men: Renewed 50/50 Officially Renewed.
Undercover Boss: Renewed
American Dad: Renewed
American Idol: Looking good.
Bob’s Burgers: 50/50 Officially Renewed.
Bones: Looking good. Officially Renewed
Breaking In: Officially Cancelled.
The Chicago Code:Pretty safe. Officially Cancelled.
The Cleveland Show: Renewed. Renewed to 2013
Family Guy: Renewed. Renewed to 2013
Fringe: Renewed
Glee: Renewed
House: Looking good. Officially Renewed.
Human Target: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
Lie to Me: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
Raising Hope:Renewed
Running Wilde: Goodbye
The Simpsons: Renewed
Traffic Light: Too soon to say. Officially Cancelled.
30 Rock: Renewed
The Biggest Loser: Renewed
The Cape: Doubtful
Celebrity Apprentice: Pretty safe.
Chase: Doubtful
Chuck: 50/50 Officially Renewed.
Community: Renewed
The Event: 50/50 Doubtful. Officially Cancelled.
Harry’s Law: 50/50 Officially Renewed.
Law & Order: Los Angeles: Pretty safe. Officially Cancelled.
Law & Order: SVU: Looking good.
The Office: Renewed
Outsourced: 50/50 Officially Cancelled.
Parenthood: Pretty safe. Officially Renewed.
Parks and Recreation: Renewed
Perfect Couples: Doubtful.
90210: Looking good. Official Renewed.
America’s Next Top Model: Looking good. Official Renewed.
Gossip Girl: Looking good. Official Renewed.
Hellcats: Pretty safe. Officially Cancelled.
Nikita: 50/50 Official Renewed.
One Tree Hill: 50/50 Official Renewed.
Supernatural: Looking good. Official Renewed.
The Vampire Diaries: Looking good. Official Renewed.

Cable Networks


Boardwalk Empire: Renewed
Shameless: Renewed
Episodes: Renewed
Nurse Jackie: Officially Renewed.
United States of Tara: Officially Cancelled.
Dexter: 50/50
The Borgia’s: Officially Renewed.
The Walking Dead: Renewed for 2nd season
Mad Men: Officially Renewed (2012 premiere date)
Justified: Renewed


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