Glee Project: They Just Couldn’t Believe

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of The Glee Project, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

This week the remaining Glee hopefuls got a surprise with Glee cast mentor Jenna Ushkowitz and the subject this week was “Believability”.  Remaining contestants Samuel, Hannah, Alex, Lindsay, and Damian were given the Cyndi Lauper song “True Colors” that was sang by Ushkowitz in the season one Glee episode of “Hairography”.  After the performance, Jenna chose Hannah as the winner of this week’s assignment.

The video challenge for this week was the hit Paramore song “Only Exception”.  The concept was that each contestant was longing after another (i.e. Samuel wants Hannah who wants Damian who wants Lindsay who wants Samuel and Alex who wants Damian).

After reviewing the video, Robert and Nikki (filling in for Zack) selected Samuel, Lindsay and Hannah to be in this weeks bottom 3 that will sing in front of Ryan.

Hannah went first and sang Taylor Swifts “Back to December” – Ryan noted that while everyone was routing for her, he wished she had a bit more confidence, the lack of which made her vocals suffer.

Lindsay who sang “Maybe This Time” from the musical Cabaret was told by Ryan that she is very “Lea/Rachel Berry”, but found that while he routes for Lea/Rachel he found he doesn’t want to route for Lindsay and he doesn’t know why.  Nikki’s notes to Ryan was that he emotions felt forced and fake.

Appearing for the first time in the bottom 3, Samuel sang “Animal” by Neon Trees.  Ryan told him that he was the un-relatable, and he performance was too slick for Glee.

At the end of the day, Ryan choose to eliminate Hannah McIalwain from the running.

The Glee Project airs Sunday’s nights at 9pm on Oxygen.


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