SYTYCD Recap – Season 9 L.A. Auditions

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

This episode of SYTYCD brought stories of pain and hope, but more importantly: stunning dancing.
Host, Cat Deeley, proclaims that this audition round in downtown LA has “the widest variety of talent we’ve ever seen”.
On the judging panel:
Nigel Lythgoe – Executive Producer
Mary Murphy —  Ballroom Expert
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Guest Judge

Who made it straight to Vegas:

  • Alexa Anderson (19) – auditioning in contemporary style
  • Eliana Girard (20) – auditioning in ballet style
  • Megan Branch (18) – auditioning in contemporary style
  • Cole Horibe (26) – I don’t know how to classify this, he incorporates his martial arts into his dancing
  • Stephen Jacobsen (22) – auditioning in ballet
  • Jasmine Mason (18) – auditioning in Jazz style
  • Marshea Kidd (22) – auditioning in contemporary style

Details on these contestants:

  • Alexa
    • Last season, Alexa made it through to Vegas and was cut, just before becoming a top20 contestant.
    • Nigel: Alexa, the biggest compliment I can give to you is I’m not gonna bother to even talk to you.  I’m gonna give you a ticket to Vegas
  • Eliana
    • Went to Joffrey and Alvin Ailey, and danced for Cirque Du Soleil “Viva Elvis” show as an aerial pole dancer.
    • I got chills watching her and the Judges gave her a standing ovation.
    • Nigel: I just hope that the people watching realize why we say we need a performance from the face and from the heart. Because it isn’t just a question of putting on a smile, or a grimace… it’s about feeling it. It was beautiful to watch… And it didn’t feel fake… one of the best girls this year, so congratulations.
    • Mary: You were just like an instrument, just playing that song with your body. It was amazing. You’re one of the few ballerinas that dances with such sole up there. For me you’re definitely top 20 material in this competition.
    • Jesse: I feel so privilege to have been in the room…
  • Megan
    • Mary: You’re like a little butterfly flying around that stage!
    • Jesse: You’re so beautiful, you’re so gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off you the whole time…
    • Nigel: You’re a little firecracker aren’t you… Fabulous feet, great lines. Pure joy you have when you’re dancing – I felt your joy.
  • Cole
    • Was a silver medalist at the junior Olympics for martial arts
    • Cole: I take the strength and directness of martial arts and incorporate the fluidity and gracefulness of dancing.
    • During his audition, Mary: Wow. That’s how that’s supposed to be done.
    • Nigel: That really was beautiful to watch. … absolutely stunning to watch. The control. How you got down to the floor. The speed, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it.
    • Mary: There are so many dancers who copy the moves that you have done and I haven’t seen any who do them the way you do.
  • Stephen
    • Dances for Sin City Ballet Company
    • He was disgraceful with his self-choreographed initial routine— which he says, behind the scenes, that he “kinda threw together last minute” (a disgrace in itself). His routine was supposed to be “ballet, but not classical classical”…. … no words. It was TACKY.
    • During the audition, Nigel: this is terrible.
    • During the audition, Mary: I don’t know what the hell’s happening.
    • Nigel: You should be shot. You are a trained ballet dancer…I can see from some of the moves you did that you’ve got terrific technique, and this was terrible. … Corny.
    • The judges gave him a chance to make up a ballet dance on the spot and their reaction…
  • Jasmine and Marshea
    • Are siblings who were in a horrific car accident six weeks ago.
    • Marshea looked over right before the collision and told his sister that she would be okay; he straightened out the car so that he took the hit and she was alright. Marshea was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Miraculously, he fell into a coma and recovered. He has auditioned three times before for SYTYCD, with Jasmine cheering him on each time. This episode they each auditioned and both earned their golden tickets.
    • After Marshea’s audition there were no words, they just held up the ticket to Vegas.  The judges all stood up, and Mary embraced him.
    • Mary: It’s incredible what you’ve done in just six weeks.

Audition’s well worth watching:
If you only have a few minutes to spare, take the time to watch these….
Eliana Girard:!
Cole Horibe:!
Stephen Jacobsen:
Marshea Kidd:

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