The Bachelorette Episode 4 Recap – Welcome to Bermuda

This week Emily and the boys left Charlotte, N.C., for stormy Bermuda – the first stop of their worldwide adventure!
She also brings Ricki as well as a tutor – that darling girl’s got it made, probably learning addition on the beach!
Emily, her daughter, and her many men stayed at the exquisite Rosewood Tucker’s Point resort / spa. And let me tell you, Rosewood delivers. With dates taking place on the pink sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters licking the shoreline, how can’t Emily begin to swoon towards the men’s competing attentions?
This episode had 1-1, group, and 2-1 dates. Each date had the iconic rose but the twist with the 2-1 date is that the bachelor not given the rose has to pack up and go home, pronto. This episode also featured some sprouting boy-drama, the likes of which any sorority might proudly to condone.

The Man Drama – a recap

Arie and Doug

  • When the 1-1 is announced Arie starts to get jealous and wants Doug to go home: “Let’s get down to the real stuff and not the bromance… it’s super easy to push Doug’s buttons.” And push Arie does. Doug gets very nervous for the group date and Arie keeps taunting him. Right as Doug gets up to deal with Arie, Emily walks into the room and whisks Doug away on their 1-1. Emily Maynard you may have saved Arie’s lil-race-car-driving-face.
  • Arie: “Doug is like the Hulk: ‘Doug Angry’, ‘Doug Smash’, ‘Doug saaaad’.”

Oh good, Arie definitely seems mature and husbandly, no jealousy issues at all.

Doug and Chris

  • Doug (33) doesn’t think that Chris is ready to be a father and puts it down to Chris’ age (25).
  • This comment makes Chris “sick” and “freakin’ crazy”… so he decides to confront Doug and talk to him “like a grown ass man”…
  • The conversation resolved nothing but did set more drama-fuel loose.
  • Doug: “You don’t get my competitive juices flowing at all… You’re so insecure, look at the way you’re getting upset right now. Just calm down.”
  • Chris: “You’re over the top humble, over the top. And I just don’t believe you half of the time…That’s something that kinda pisses me off.”

Ryan and Arie

  • Ryan’s upset that Arie was kissing Emily in the hallway during last week’s rose ceremony. He’s also upset that Emily let it happen – as she’s supposed to be a role model for female viewers across America … (nothing to do with his jealousy).
  • Arie: “I don’t think Ryan really cares about Emily’s happiness.” After this episode Arie, I’d be shocked if anybody does.

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