WEEDS Season 8 Premiere: Learn Mystery Shooter’s Identity!

**Warning if you have not seen last night’s season 8 premiere of WEEDS, the turn around and walk away to avoid spoilers…You’ve been warned**

The episode starts with Nancy opening her eyes in shock, blood dripping all over her face. In the background a smartphone snaps a pic to later be posted on facebook. BOOM, Weeds season 8 drives fully into gear with crass talk, nudity, and a lot of dark humour

Maimed and ever doey-eyed Mary-Louise Parker, or Nancy as she’s often called, is rushed to the hospital with a bullet in her head, along with a mouthful of witty and playful quips to make the ride entertaining. Once there, Nancy is put into a medical induced coma which gathers the cast around her in reflection and questionable, though sometimes charming, behaviour.

While stealing get-well-soon snacks from Nancy’s hospital roommate, Shane reveals to Silas that he, of all people, is in the police academy. Silas’ response: “We’re criminals; it’s the family business, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Fair point.

The different characters get a chance to visit Nancy and are asked to do so one at a time. When it’s Doug’s turn he gropes her among the sheets. Andy realises that he still loves Nancy, despite her abusive treatment towards him; but true to Weeds racy style, still ends up sleeping Nancy’s sister Jill during the episode. Jill, true to her nature, remains a cold and selfish character riddled with black humour. She’s angry at Nancy for having it easy and sleeping through the whole ordeal, and has faith that Nancy will live “because there is no God.”

One constant throughout the episode is the question of Nancy’s mystery-shooter’s identity. It is finally revealed that Nancy’s stepson, Ted Scottson, put the bullet through her head.

WEEDS airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

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