First Look at REVENGE Season 2 Premiere

Revenge Season 2 Cast

We are just a little more then a week away from the season 2 premiere of REVENGE, one of the top new dramas from last year.  At the end of season 1 we were left hanging as the plane Victoria Grayson boarded blew-up just moments after take off while her daughter Charlotte overdosed on pills after learning that Declan wants nothing to do with her.  On the Amanda/Emily front, faux-Amanda showed up with a rather large baby-bump just as real Amanda aka Emily showed up to tell Jack who she really is.

As we get ready for season 2, here is what we know.  The episode will start the same way as season1, showing an event from the future and will then back track to 3 months prior to said event aka Memorial Day.  We will find out what happened to Charlotte after her overdose, what Emily has been up to for the past 3 months since the season1 finale.  Nolan (who finally got a much needed hair cut) is back as Emily’s “wing-man” and some much needed comic relief. We will also find out just what the rest of the Grayson’s along with Ashley have been up to.  Oh and of course we’ll find out if Victoria survived that plane crash (our lips our sealed on that little tidbit).

Can’t wait a week to get your REVENGE fix?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your solution right here with the below clips and gallery photos from the season 2 premiere which airs on its new night and time on Sunday, September 30 at 9pm following an the season 2 premiere of ONCE UPON A TIME on ABC.

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