Once Upon A Time Recap: Hook, Hook, Hook

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

One of the most talked about new characters finally made an appearance on tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, none other than Captain Hook from Peter Pan (played by Colin O’Donoghue).

Fairytale Land That Was:  This was once again an episode that focused on Rumplestiltskin, mainly about his wife Milah.  Milah is an unhappy women who like just about everyone else is pissed at Rumple for running away from the Ogre war.  He finds her at the local bar having a few drinks with Captain Killian Jones; a few days later he is told that Jones has kidnapped his wife and is about to set sail.  Rumple is given a chance to fight for his life but is too much of a coward to duel the Captain.  Fast forward a few years and The Dark One is now on a search for another magic bean in order to find his son Baelfire.  After he makes a deal with a dock worker who never wants to grow old he finds himself face to face with Captain Jones who after a little chit chat tells The Dark One that Milah has long since died.   The Dark One now wants revenge and challenges Jones to a duel at dawn which he of course wins, just as Jones is about to get his heart ripped out, Milah shows up looking very good for a dead woman.  Milah explains that she never loved Rumple and wanted a life of adventure, oh and she also has The Dark Ones dock worker held captive.  In exchange for their lives, Milah will give Rumple the magic bean he has been looking for.  Ah, the best laid plans, The Dark One is still a little bit ticked off about Milah walking out on her son and in the end rips out her heart.  Captain Jones in a fit of rage tries to keep the magic bean and in the end looses a hand.   In the end Captain Jones becomes Captain Hook, The Dark One is without his magic bean, and Hook gains a new crew member Mr. Smee and is off to Neverland.

Storybrooke: So since Belle has been trapped in a cell for 28 years she is just now experiencing things like telephones, pancakes, and iced tea.  All Belle wants is for Rumple/Mr. Gold to be honest with her when she catches him using magic in the basement, but alas he lies and she runs.  She is caught by Mr. Smee poking around the closed down library and is reunited with her father Maurice.  Maurice tries to get her to stay with him but after she admits her love for Rumple he instructs Smee to go with plan B.  In the meantime Gold has enlisted Charming (who is standing in a Sheriff) and Red  to help find Belle.  They track her back to Maurice’s flower shop where the find out plan B is sending her across the town line via the old mines so she’ll lose her memory.  Thanks to magic, Rumple pulls her back but that doesn’t mean she’ll forgive him or her father and leaves them both.   Belle is given a key to the library (just go in the basement) where Rumple is waiting and explains that he created the curse that brought them here so he can find his son but that magic always comes with a price and that price is that they can’t leave the town.  He brought back so he can try to fix that and as he walks away Belle asks him on a date to Granny’s so she can try a hamburger, which she heard is delicious.

Fairytale Land that Is: We only got a few minutes in present day fairytale land this episode but what we did see is that Captain Hook is teaming up with Cora to get to Storybrooke as he wants to skin the crocodile that took his hand.

Next week is an all new Once Upon A Time where we will FINALLY learn who Dr. Wale (David Anders) is.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Once Upon A Time airs Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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