2013 TV Renewal Cheat Sheet

Between now and May, networks will start making the choice on whether shows keep on living for another season or will end their run.

Below is our cheat sheet for all shows on the four major networks, The CW, and Cable.  We will be updating this page as networks make their decisions, so be sure to bookmark or follow us on twitter via @Entertainista for the most up to date information.


  • Renewal Confirmed: The show lives to see another season
  • Looking Good: A renewal is all but confirmed
  • Pretty Safe: We expect a renewal, but anything could happen
  • 50/50: It good go either way
  • Doubtful: All that missing is the final nail in the coffen
  • Officially Canceled: The show is dead

Below is our up to date TV Renewal guide.

We will be continually updating this as networks pickup/cancel shows.

Basic Networks

666 Park Avenue: Officially Cancelled.
The Bachelor: Looking Good.
The Bachelorette: Looking Good.
Body of Proof: To soon to say. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Castle: Pretty Safe. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Dancing With the Stars: Looking Good.
Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt 23: 50/50. Unofficially Canceled
Family Tools: Too soon to say. Officially Canceled.
Grey’s Anatomy: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Happy Endings: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
How to Live with Your Parents (for the rest of your life): Too soon to say. Officially Canceled.
Last Man Standing: 50/50. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Last Resort: Officially Cancelled.
Malibu Country: 50/50. Officially Cancelled.
The Middle: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Mistresses: Doubtful.
Modern Family: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Nashville: 50/50. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
The Neighbors: Doubtful. Renewal Confirmed.
Once Upon a Time: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Private Practice: Officially Canceled: Series Finale airs Feb 2013
Red Widow: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Revenge: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Scandal: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Suburgatory: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Zero Hour: To soon to say. Unofficially Canceled as of March 1, 2013. 

2 Broke Girls: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
The Amazing Race: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
The Big Bang Theory: Renewal Confirmed.
Blue Bloods: Pretty Safe.  Renewal Confirmed
Criminal Minds: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
CSI: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
CSI: NY: 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Elementary: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Friend Me:
Golden Boy: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
The Good Wife: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Hawaii Five-0: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
How I Met Your Mother: 50/50. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed for Final Season
Made In Jersey: Officially Canceled
The Mentalist: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Mike & Molly: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
NCIS: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
NCIS: Los Angeles: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Partners: Officially Canceled.
Person of Interest: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Rules of Engagement: Doubtful. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Survivor: Renewal Confirmed.
Two and a Half Men: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Undercover Boss: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed
Vegas: 50/50. Officially Canceled.

American Dad: Renewal Confirmed.
American Idol: Pretty Safe.
Ben & Kate: 50/50. Doubtful.
Bob’s Burgers: Renewal Confirmed
Bones: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
The Cleveland Show: 50/50
Family Guy: Renewal Confirmed.
Fringe: Officially Canceled – Series finale airs January 18th.
The Following: Renewal Confirmed.
Glee: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed for Seasons 5 & 6.
The Goodwin Games: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Kitchen Nightmares: Looking Good.
The Mindy Project: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
The Mob Doctor:  Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
New Girl: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Raising Hope: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
The Simpsons: Renewal Confirmed
The X Factor: Renewal Confirmed
Touch: 50/50. Officially Canceled.


1600 Penn: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Animal Practice: Officially Canceled
30 Rock: Officially Canceled – Series finale airs January 31st.
The Biggest Loser: Looking Good.
Celebrity Apprentice: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Chicago Fire: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Community: Doubtful. 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Deception: Doubtful. Officially Canceled
Do No Harm: Officially Cancelled
Fashion Star: Pretty Safe. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Go On: Looking Good. Pretty Safe. 50/50. Officially Canceled
Grimm: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Guys With Kids: Doubtful. Officially Canceled
Hannibal: 50/50. Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Law & Order: SVU: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The New Normal: Looking Good. 50/50. Officially Canceled.
Next Caller: Officially Canceled
The Office: Officially Canceled – Series finale airs May 2013
Parenthood: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed.
Parks and Recreation: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Ready for Love: Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Revolution: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Save Me: Too Soon To Say. Doubtful.
Smash: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.
Up All Night: 50/50. Doubtful. Unofficially Canceled. Officially Canceled
The Voice: Renewal Confirmed till Season 5
Whitney: 50/50. Doubtful. Officially Canceled.


90210: 50/50. Officially Canceled – Series Finale will air May 13, 2013.
America’s Next Top Model: Pretty Safe.
Arrow: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed
Beauty & the Beast: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
The Carrie Diaries: 50/50. Renewal Confirmed.
Cult: Doubtful. Officially Canceled
Emily Owens M.D.: Officially Canceled.
Gossip Girl: Officially Canceled – Series finale aired Dec 17, 2012
Hart of Dixie: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Nikita: 50/50. Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed.
Supernatural: Pretty Safe. Renewal Confirmed
The Vampire Diaries: Looking Good. Renewal Confirmed

Cable Networks

The Walking Dead: 4th Season Renewal Confirmed
Mad Men: Final Season Renewal Confirmed.
Hell On Wheels: 3rd Season Renewal Confirmed
Boardwalk Empire: Renewal Confirmed.
True Blood: Renewal Confirmed for season 7
Game of Thrones: Season 4 Renewal Confirmed
Girls: Season 3 Renewal Confirmed
VEEP: Season 3 Renewal Confirmed (10 episodes)
Enlightened: Officially Cancelled.
Cougar Town: 5th Season Renewal Confirmed
Men at Work: 50/50
Sullivan & Son: 50/50
The Wedding Band: Officially Cancelled
Southland: Officially Cancelled
Monday Mornings: Officially Cancelled
Falling Skies: Renewal Confirmed
Dexter: Un-Officially Canceled. Officially Canceled – Upcoming 8th season will be the series last.
Homeland: Renewal Confirmed for 3rd Season
Nurse Jackie: Renewal Confirmed.
Shameless: Renewal Confirmed for 4th Season
House of  Lies: Renewal Confirmed for 2nd season
The Borgias: Renewal Confirmed for 3rd Season
USA Network:
Fairy Legal: Officially Cancelled
Common Law: Officially Cancelled
Political  Animals: Season 2 will not move forward
White Collar: Renewal confirmed for season 5
Psych: Renewal confirmed for shortened season 8
Covert Affairs: Renewal confirmed for season 4
Necessary Roughness: Renewal confirmed for season 3
Royal Pains: Renewal confirmed for season’s 5 and 6
Burn Notice: Renewal confirmed for 7th season

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