Breaking Dawn pt 2: About That Ending

**Warning: If  you have not seen the film yet and want to avoid MAJOR spoilers then stop reading now.  For the rest of you lets continue. **

We saw Breaking Dawn pt 2 five (yes 5) times this weekend and each time we still can’t believe the big twist to the ending that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer wrote for the film.

In the book, the ending is laid out very much the same with the Cullen’s and their witness’ on one side of the field and the Volturi and their witness’ on the other side.  There is a lot of talking, Aro meets Renessme, Irina still dies, Alice comes in to the save the day with Nuhal and we they all live happily ever after.   While that reads somewhat okay on paper for a movie that is down right boring.

At the film’s press junket earlier this month, Stephenie gave a little more detail about how this ending came together “I wouldn’t call it an alternate ending, the end was something we knew that had to be cracked and we sat there and hashed it out. In a way, I feel like it’s kind of offscreen in the novel because we only see what Bella sees. This was just a way of making visual what some of the other characters might have been seeing.”

In the film’s big twist Alice shows Aro her proof that hybrid (half vampire/half human) children are not a threat to vampire life, however as she shows her proof she gets a vision of her own, that no matter what she goes him [Aro] his decision is still the same.  What we see next is a full on fight between the Volturi, the Cullen’s, the wolfes, and everyone else.  What starts this fight, well Alice kicks Aro in the face, Aro takes Alice captive, Carlisle attacks Aro, Aro beheads and kills (yes kills) Carlisle and full out war breaks out.  The fighting ends with Edward and Bella killing Aro after many from both sides are also killed.  As Aro’s head is lit on fire we see it was all a vision in Alice’s head that Aro gets to see.  This was Alice’s way of saying “If you go down this road, here is what will happen”.

According to Rosenberg “Because Stephenie’s writing from Bella’s point of view, she can’t actually tell the story of what that was like. I got to go and actually do that scene. There has been a polarizing reaction to all of them. People feel very passionately about these books. You can’t satisfy all the people all the time. You hope you satisfy the bigger majority of them, but you can go online to any fan site and they’ll tell you how horribly I’ve messed up every adaptation.”

As mentioned above we saw the film several times this weekend and everyone’s reaction (including ours) was the same to this ending, lots of screaming, some crying, and a lot of “What the F**K just happened.

If you’ve seen the film, tell us how you felt about that ending in the comments below.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 now playing in theaters nationwide.

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