Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Well Twilight fans we have come to the end of the road, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2 is officially in theaters bringing an end to the Twilight Saga.  So just how did the the second half of Breaking Dawn pan out?  Well read on for our minimal spoiler review.  This is your official warning – If you have not read the books and do not want to know ANYTHING that happens in the last half, then stop reading now and head to your closest cinema to see the film, then come back.

Breaking Dawn part 2 picked up right where part 1 leaves off, with Bella waking up with her blood red new vampire eyes and taking in all that being a newborn vampire entails including super eyesight, amazing hearing, The Flash like speeds, oh and that pesky thrist for blood, preferably human (but animal will do).  Just like in the book, Bella takes to being a vampire like Karlie Kloss takes to the runway.  Her first meeting with Jacob and finding out he imprinted on her daughter Renesmee is just as awkward as in the book, only she gets in a few more punches.  Unlike in the book we don’t see a lot of that struggle between Rosalie and Jacob, which works out well as it would seem out of place.

The cottage, the most talked about scene leading up to the film would have to be the vampire sex that happens in said cottage.  Just like in part 1, the scene is tastefully done so we get a good idea at what happened without all the rated R images (PG-13 here people).

The second half of the film (just like in the book) quickly becomes focused on the upcoming battle with the Volturi over the status of Edward and Bella’s daughter.  The new coven of vampires (Denali, Irish, Egyptian, Amazonian, Romanian, and various nomad’s) were a welcome addition and integrated nicely, standout performances went to Lee Pace as ‘Garrett’ a vampire who was turned during the Revolutionary war and still has a bone to pick with the British; Joe Anderson as ‘Alistar’, in the book Alistar is barely mentioned however he is given a bit more screen time here and uses it well.  We do wish we would have gotten to see more of the Irish coven like ‘Maggie’ and her special gift or Zafrina’s help with training Bella.

If you have read the book, then you know the battle doesn’t really happen in the book, its lots of standing and talking, so what happens in the movie? To quote the late Brittany Murphy “I’ll never tell”. Thats right this is one area we are not giving up not matter how much Gucci you bribe us with.  This much will be said…it will take your breathe away.

Update: Stephenie Meyer & Melissa Rosenberg discussed the twist ending, read it at your own spoiler risk

The big question going into this part 2 of Breaking Dawn was just how was director Bill Condon going to film a child that by the age of 6 months old looks like 4-5 year old.   The answer – an adorable little girl named Mackenzie Foy and some fantastic CGI.  Baby Renesmee is a little bit creepy, not going to lie, but then again you try making a newborn whose is very alert, looks like a 4 month old, and has a full set of teeth.

To say the ending was by the book is not just a saying here, the movie literally ends like in the book, including showing pages of text from the book on screen.  We are not ashamed to say we started to tear up at this point, but it was when Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years, Pt. 2” started playing that we got a little more emotional.  The credits at the end of the film, featured the name aside a photo of every actor who apeared in all five films starting with the least amount of screentime and moving up to the big three – Kristen, Robert and Taylor.  It was a very moving way to end out the Twilight Saga.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is rated PG-13 and runs just under 2 hours.

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