2012 Holiday Gift Guide — Boomphones “Phantom” Headphones

Good headphones are the key to surviving long train, plane or car rides. We’ve all suffered with the standard earbuds but now our ear love are the “Phantom” headphones from Boomphones.

These headphones provide so much functionality outside of just listening to music , see the Boomphones double as both headphones and a portable boombox.  Designed with four speakers – two on the inside and two on the outside, sharing music with your friends is as simple as pushing a button.  Boomphones also allow you to make and answer calls, whether listening privately or, with the push of a button, switching to speakerphone mode.

Boomphones utilize a built-in lithium battery that’s super easy to recharge – just plug in the mini-USB into your computer.  A fully charged Boomphone can provide 10-hours of internal use or 5-hours of external use.

Boomphones retail for $149.99 and are available at www.Boomphones.com

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