Go Beyond the Runway: Hulu Exclusive Series “Elite New Face”


Elite is one of the top modeling agencies in the world, and thanks to the new Hulu Exclusive Series Elite New Face we can go behind the scenes as the agencies team combs the world to find the next new and big talent in the modeling and fashion world.

Elite New Face comes to us at a perfect time as broadcast and cable shows air their winter, season, or series finales we are left with plenty of time to discover new shows.  Elite New Face premiered back on November 17th and we instantly fell in love with this series.

The series shows each of Elite’s key players as they look and groom new talent for the annual Elite Model Look competition.  The series stars Elite CEO Michaelangelo Chiacchi, Head Stylist Jerry Ng, Director of Elite France Victoria Da Silva and one of the most powerful women in modeling, Elite President Michaela Goddard-Quesad.

In episodes 1-4 you’ll see highlights from the 2011 Elite World Model Look followed by the Elite teams searching the UK, Spain and Italy for new faces.  Up next is France, the heart of fashion and home of Elite Model Look. France has a long and storied history of fashion and modeling, and the French Elite Model Look team has a great track record discovering top models. The latest success stories being Constance Jablonski – the new face of Estee Lauder – or Sigrid Agren, a CHANEL muse. Last year’s winner is already the ‘it-girl’ having signed exclusive deals for Celine and Calvin Klein. Who will be the next Josephine?  We’ll have insider access to the contestants, scouts and judges and capture the emotional nature of competition from early castings, all the way through model boot camp. Accompanying the journey is Victoria Da Silva, Director of Elite Model Look France. With 20 years in the industry, this episode follows Victoria and her team of scouts as they embark on an ‘Elite Beach Tour’, trawling the beaches of South of France to find the next big thing – and then setting up live castings all round the country. We follow the girls as they arrive in Paris with their families for the model bootcamp and French National Final. For some, it’s their first time in the capital, and the pressure is mounting. Will they be ready in time for the French Final?

You can see an exclusive first look at this weeks episode of the Hulu Exclusive Series, Elite New Face below and check back every week as we continue to give you more exclusive first looks as well as interviews with some of Elite’s top players.

Episodes 1-4 are currently available on both free, ad-supported Hulu and Hulu Plus subscription service and an all new episode will air this Saturday, December 15.

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