The REAL Gossip Girl is Revealed and Says Goodbye

New York, I Love You XOXO

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen the series finale of Gossip Girl, do not read. Turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to read away!***  

Well Upper East Siders the mystery of Gossip Girl is a mystery no further.  That’s right after six seasons of posting tips and giving everyone an inside look at the lives of New York’s rich and famous The CW’s hit show came to a close tonight.

If you guessed from the promo’s there was at least one wedding, a death, an arrest, a confession, some apologies, and surprise another wedding.

After Chuck and Bart get into a fight on the roof (after Bart tried to kill Chuck via a plane crash), Bart took a little dive…right over the edge of the roof, he held on trying to convince Chuck that he was “all talk and would never really hurt him”, Chuck stood there and let Bart die, for real this time.   This new event forced Chuck and Blair to go on the lam thanks to some help from Georgina while they come up with a plan.  That plan just happened come thanks to Uncle Jack…marriage. Yep Blair and Chuck got hitched mainly for love but also for that lovely bit about spousal privilege, you know where the courts cannot force a husband and wife to incriminate each other, since Blair was the only witness Bart’s death.

While Uncle Jack is going around recruiting the old gang for a quicky wedding of year, Dan and Serena had a little heart to heart where he revealed that he has known who Gossip Girl was for a while now.  Back in wedding planning on the fly land, the gang gathers Bethesda Fountain to witness the marriage of Blair Waldorf (who was dressed a fabulous blue beaded and lace Elie Saab gown) and Charles Bass.  Too bad some freshman didn’t like a delay in Gossip Girl posting their tip and called the Police instead, forcing a rushed wedding to go a little faster.

Right as Blair and Chuck said “I Do”, The Spectator posted Dan’s exclusive chapter to Nate, giving him what he had wanted…the true identity of Gossip Girl.

It was Dan Humphrey, who in a need to feel like he belonged created something that tied everyone together.  So did anyone else know about Dan’s little secret? The answer is yep…Jenny aka Little J knew it was Dan and when she wanted to leave New York for London let Dan post all about her  on the site to force Papa Rufus’ hand.

After some rounds of “I can’t believe it” and “No Way” (Dorota ordering a strong vodka), everyone made nice with each other, oh Blair and Chuck were released with Bart’s death ruled an accident.

So how did the series end? With that other wedding, the show (like almost all series finales) did a flash forward in time where Blair and Chuck has an adorable  well dressed son,  Rufus is dating Lisa Loeb, Georgina looked to be with Uncle Jack, and Serena was marrying Dan.

Oh and that much hyped cameo by Kristen Bell? It happened and she played herself playing Serena in a movie based on Dan’s book along with Rachel Bilson.

So that all she wrote kids,


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