This Week on the Hulu Exclusive Series Elite New Face…

We are quickly coming to a close on Hulu’s exclusive new series Elite New Face with only 3 episodes left till a new winner is crowned at the Elite World Final.  This week go behind the scenes of the 2012 World Final and watch as the girls get ready for the event with performances from Jesse J.

The top 15 contestants have just won Elite Model Look but they have no time to bask in their glory. Tomorrow is the biggest assignment of their brand new career: a fashion shoot for ELLE Magazine in China.

We follow our winning girls as they adjust to their new status, running between interviews with fashion media outlets, photo shoots with big name photographers and publicity appearances. We’ll get to know her a bit more, we’ll relive her journey so far, how she was discovered and share her highlights from this incredible experience. It’s a bitter sweet victory as they bid farewell to their fellow contestants – and reality starts to kick in; they’ve made it but not all of their friends are along for the ride.

It’s their first taste of what their new life may be. They can only begin to imagine what this glamorous new world entails, and they realize the hard work around the World has only just begun. 

You can see an exclusive first look at this Saturday’s all new Elite New Face episode below and be sure to head over to on Saturday to see the full episode.

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