Betsey Johnson Still Energetic at 70

Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, sat down with bubbly, energetic fashion designer, Betsey Johnson last week. The 70-year-old stylist was open and engaging discussing her life-long career, upcoming reality show, and recent bankruptcy.

Mallis and Johnson took photos with a MARTINI Asti bottle decorated with their names in silver crystals while Johnson asked, “do I get to keep this?!” During the interview, the designer reminisced about the beginning of her career at Mademoiselle and even spoke positively about filing for bankruptcy in April of 2012. After mentioning her shock at owing money to the private equity firm that bought her, Mallis remarked with a smile, “Yes Betsey. There is no such thing as a free loan.”

Over 500 guests attended the Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Betsey Johnson on January 16th at the Kaufmann Concert Hall hosted by 92nd Street Y and MARTINI Sparkling Wines.


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