Joanna Mastroianni Fall/Winter 2013

The studio lights go out and the runway becomes the central focus. A model begins strutting down in sequined black pants, partially sheer top, fuzzy lining and fingerless gloves. The next outfit is an edgy short feather dress with a black studded belt, chain straps and green arm cuffs. All aspects of these first two outfits defined Joanna Mastroianni’s fall/winter collection.

Metallic material, feather skirts and jackets and fuzzy colored fabric all over dresses makes this collection a perfect blend of multiple styles and materials. Anybody can find a piece they like in this diverse collection. My favorites were the metallic dresses and outfits. A dress with a black studded necklace and sheer top. A silk top and matching pants over a tweed vest with a large pewter necklace. There were some beautiful large broaches pinned to long flowy coats and a stunning full length stringy yarn skirt. My favorite? One titled “Today’s Cocktail Dress.” A metallic double pleated skirt with a beaded design and sheer material on top.

I could talk about this collection forever but I’ll stop so you can see it for yourself.

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