Mara Hoffman Spring 2013 Campaign ALOHA

Watching the Mara Hoffman Spring 2013 collection on the catwalk was fresh, flirty and light. Her new image and video campaign, Aloha, shines the collection in another light. By connecting to one’s inner strength and power you expose natural beauty.

As Hoffman explains, “I attached to the spirit of the word and the simplicity and complexity of it all in one..The presence of Divine Breath… Love, Hello, Goodbye.”

Neil Krug’s collaboration on this campaign played off of this spirit-of-the-world motif by illustrating Phoenix’s (Nous Models) energy in a vibrant blue light – both surging and radiating through the landscape as well as herself. Though some of the fabrics lose their sheer delicacy in the still photographs, especially with the signature “ALOHA” shirt, the garments are free flowing and sheer in the video. 

This collection presents spring / resort wear that is freeing in its flowy shapes and cut out detailing but eye-catching with vibrant colours and busy patterns. Stylist Richard Ruiz maintains the campaign’s pure mother-earth feel by adorning Phoenix with tropical headdresses that are occasionally embossed with flowers.

Two of our favorite shots in the campaign are the signature Aloha tank, with Phoenix looking out over a burning, yet peaceful, horizon; the exquisite blue wrap and cut out dress with glowing blue light shining through her skin; and of course, Phoenix sitting in lotus, bathed in serene blue light and projecting bands of the color spectrum around her.

Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2013 collection, ALOHA, is the perfect choice for a hot breezy day.

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