Allison Williams is Town & Country’s April Cover Girl

The always-fashionable Allison Williams looks flawless on the cover of the April 2013 edition of Town & Country. In the mag, which hits newsstands on March 12, the GIRLS actress dishes about success, style, and much more. Check out snippets from the interview below!

On feeling the pressure to succeed on her own merits despite her famous father, NBC News’ Brian Williams:

“It is apparent to anyone that there are fewer steps between me and Hollywood than there are for the average person. But at some point you are asked to stand and deliver, and people can be pretty ruthless in their judgment toward people like me… I operate with this sense of needing to live up to what I am asking of people. I am, by far, my own worst critic.”

On knowing she wanted to pursue acting as a child:

“My childhood was stamped with this one certainty, that I knew what I wanted to be, which I realize now was very unusual. Most of my friends are still figuring it out. I only knew one other kid like me; she wanted to be a singer, and in first grade we’d have sleepovers, and she dressed up like a Beatle and I dressed up like Marilyn Monroe.”

On her “conservative” sense of style:

“I have a goal, which is that I don’t ever want to look back on something I wore and think, ‘Oh my God, what was I thinking?’ That feeling is much scarier than looking back and thinking, ‘Oh, I took myself so seriously. I’m so buttoned up.’”


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