Entertainista Exclusive: We Chat With Designer Dalia MacPhee!

Every designer in the fashion industry has a purpose. Whether to create pieces that are works of art or to craft collections set to inspire others, designers are driven by their own philosophies, and no one expresses that notion greater than Dalia MacPhee. The Canadian-born designer, who has been in the industry for over 10 years, has a specific goal in mind when it comes to her line—“to change the world one gown at a time.”

Entertainista got the chance to chat with Dalia about her latest collections and where she envisions her brand in the future. Check out the interview below!

Did you always dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Dalia: “I grew up in the apparel business [her parents were in retail] and like most little kids who want nothing to do with their parent’s profession, the idea of becoming a fashion designer was more of a nightmare than a dream. As I got older though I realized how much I truly loved fashion and specifically, gowns.”

What has been the most memorable moment in your career as a designer thus far?

Dalia: “It was the summer and must have been 105 degrees out. I was an unknown designer and was looking for factories to produce my collection. I knew of one factory that produced for a lot of companies and got a meeting with the owner. We were in his office talking about deposits, and I tried to negotiate with him. He actually yelled at me to ‘get out,’ and had me escorted from the building. I was sweating and shaking and thought, this is a make it or break it moment. That same day, I found an infinitely better factory that ended up putting me on the map.”

Who would you consider to be your dream client?

Dalia: “I really feel my consumers are my dream clients. Every season my goal is to design pieces that will make them feel and look beautiful. Since our customers are all sizes and ages, I try to add enough diversity to the line so there is something for everyone.”

Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve designed?

Dalia: “I do (see the bottom of the page). It’s the piece that made my line. Just about every celebrity (Nina Dobrev and Heidi Klum are among those who have donned her dresses) has worn it and it’s been on multiple magazine covers. Incidentally, it’s been worn by multiple brides too!”

What was the inspiration behind your Spring 2013 collection?

Dalia: “I wanted the collection to evolve and mature a bit. One of the challenges as a designer is doing that while still keeping the signature feel of your collection.” (Take a peek at Dalia’s Spring collection here).

What can we expect from your Fall 2013 collection?

Dalia: “Think spring in the South meets Paris in the fall. Rich silhouettes, feminine fabrics and deep colors.”

Where do you envision your line in the future?

Dalia: “I will always have my dress/gown collection, but for the future I envision a complete brand (i.e. sportswear, accessories, perfume). I want my line to continue to help people and the planet on a global scale. We have such an opportunity to do that through apparel. It’s something we put on our bodies everyday. Why not facilitate a positive change at the same time?”

Be sure to check out all of Dalia’s fab fashions for yourself by logging on to www.daliamacphee.com!

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