Exclusive ~ Johnny & Lianca Discuss Kimora and House of Fab

Like any fashioninista shoes, handbags, and jewelry are the sprinkles to our fashion sundae.  We’ve been fans (and customers) of JustFab.com for a few years now and we took notice with model and mega-business women Kimora Lee Simons came on board as President and Creative Director.

Kimora continued her successful Style Network show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane along for the ride with a new look and name, Kimora: House of Fab.  House of Fab details not only Kimora’s new role at JustFab, but also it’s faithful employees.  We chatted with two of our favorite House of Fab personalities senior graphic designer Johnny Anastacio and photo shoot producer Lianca Lyons about working with Kimora, life at JustFab, and everything inbetween just in time for tomorrow’s season finale.

Entertainista: I am love this season of Kimora: House of Fab, can you both explain your roles and how you work with Kimora for the readers?

JohnnyI’m a senior graphic designer at JustFab. I design various graphic needs for JustFab.com – for the website and for print. Kimora is the President and Creative Director at JustFab, so anything that she wants to convey to her customers funnels down through Sandra then to Alyson and then to me and vice versa – anything I design funnels up the pipe to Kimora. One thing I absolutely love about working with Kimora is how open she is to hearing everyone’s opinion and I always love giving her mine! 

LiancaI am the photo shoot producer at JustFab. I oversee budgets for all photo shoots and execute photo shoot productions from beginning to end. I guess I’m considered Kimora’s right hand when it comes to all things JustFab. Any approvals, shoot dates, press events, any logistics of that nature, in regards to JustFab, usually run through me. I am Kimora’s point person when it comes to JustFab.

Entertainista: What kinda of dynamic has Kimora brought to JustFab.com?

JohnnyKimora brings a fun energy to the office. Days when she’s out of the office for business, it feels like a corporate office-y environment. But when she’s back to work at JustFab, the office is booming with lots of energy – hashtag fabulosity!

LiancaKimora brings years of experience to JustFab. Her expertise, when it comes to building fashion empires, is bar none. She brings that same dynamic and energy to JustFab. We all believe that what we are building right now is a fashion empire and we are all 100% dedicated!

Entertainista: Johnny, you’ve had a bit of drama both professional and personal in season 1, has life balanced out a little bit for you?

JohnnyLife has definitely balanced out for me. I’ve been able to focus more on work and have been living life happily single… but I still have fun and go out. It’s kind of funny to think how much drama I had on the show with my own personal life before the show even aired! I’ve been getting recognized a lot out in public now and I love meeting fans of the show and fans of my over the top personality, so it definitely makes me appreciate that all the drama I went through wasn’t done in vain. 

Entertainista: I’ll admit that I love JustFab.com and own several of the handbags.  What has been some of your personal collaborations?

JohnnyI love JustFab bags too! I absolutely love the Law bag. [Editors Note: This is one of my personal favorites as well, and I use it at least once a month] I own it in black and I take it everywhere with me. I also just got the City Slicker backpack and have gotten so many compliments wearing it, it’s in such gorgeous tan color. City Slicker is the perfect bag to have for your spring/summer weekend trips. 

LiancaI have a massive shoe collection. Like, it’s unreal! I probably own about 60 pairs of JustFab shoes. I mean, I’m  jealous of myself. LOL.

Entertainista: Fall 2013 Fashion Month just wrapped.  What fall 2013 trends are you both excited to see in the JustFab.com collections?

JohnnyI’m excited for the color hues and patterns in fall – shades of blue, cherry reds, and luxe leopard prints. I’m obsessticles with leopard print and can’t wait for our customers to see what JustFab.com has in store this fall – absolute fierceness. Oh and Rose, one of the buyers here slash my bestie, just informed me that metal accents are going to be haute this fall, so definitely watch out for that!

LiancaI’m excited to see how the black and white trend translates to fall! That’s definitely one of my favorites right now! Maybe a few graphic printed pointed toe pumps? I mean, why not! I’m also loving Blues; it’s all over my fashion inspiration board, so I’m excited to translate it into my wardrobe!

Entertainista: If you can sum up next week’s season finale in 5 words or less they would be…

Johnny: F-A-B can’t spell the rest!

Lianca: Fashion week or BUST!

We’ll have more from Johnny & Lianca as they kick off out new 5 Must Haves in 5 Minutes column tomorrow.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow, March 13 to Kimora: House of Fab Season Finales airs 9/8C on Style (Check Local Listings).


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