Universal Hollywood’s Citywalk Celebrates the Big 2-O

This past Thursday, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Citywalk officially commemorated its 20th year of spicing up Southern California. The celebration conveniently coincided with the release of Universal’s Fast & Furious 6, for which the “5 Towers”FastFuriousCar5 outdoor stage and plaza area (across from Citywalk’s multiplex) was converted into a temporary showcase of 8 souped-up prop cars from the franchise driven chiefly by actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Staking claim to his smoking red-hot 1969 Dodge Daytona was a Madame Tussauds’ uncanny wax statue of Vin Diesel himself. Fans gathered to gawk and admire the cars in the California sunshine, and security officers generously offered to take their photos.

The main event of the birthday bash featured what every good party needs: streamers and an enormous multi-tiered cake. There to sing Citywalk a lively Happy Birthday was the up-and-coming boy band, Midnight Red. And perhaps best of all, fans in attendance were given the opportunity to see Fast & Furious 6 that night free of charge.

Citywalk 20The festivities offered a sneak preview of Citywalk’s summer-long free concert series every Saturday and Sunday night beginning June 29 with a return performance by Midnight Red. Citywalk is also extending a hand to moviegoers with a promotional summer offer of $2 parking with the purchase of a movie ticket. Considering the regular price to park is a whopping $15, this deal makes Citywalk’s multiplex more competitive with other area theaters for a slice of the summer blockbuster pie.

Music, movies, and cheap parking– three things all Angelenos love. Combine this with Citywalk’s trendy restaurants and bumping nightlife, and we’re sure to see new swarms overtaking Universal City this summer. Happy Birthday, Citywalk. We’ll look forward to seeing what happens when you turn 30.

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