Bronzing 101 – Our Picks for Flawless Sunless Tanning and Bronzing

Summer is underway and that means we all want one thing, to have a flawless golden tan.  What we don’t want is the wrinkles, sun burns, and skin damage that comes with tanning.  This were wear a good sunless tanner and bronzer come into play.  We’ve spent the last week trying out several tanners/bronzers and have selected our favorites that you need to get that perfect summer glow.

Sunless Tanning

1. Kardashian Sun Kissed– A sunless tanner created by this beautifully bronzed powerhouse is only fitting. This 3 step system really does give the Kardashian glow and is easy enough for beginners to use. Start with the exfoliator and color maximizer to reduce streaking, followed by the sunless lotion or spray, and finishing off with the tan extender. The best feature of this line is the “Sure Sunshine” scent that doesn’t leave you with the horrible sunless tanning stench most self tanners have. Retail $12.99 to $19.99
2. Australian Gold – Tanning lotions are hit or miss. Luckily the Austrailian Gold tanner is a hit if you’re looking for a nice, light to medium tan that you can build over time. This lotion goes on smooth and is slightly tinted so you can see where you’ve applied it. To keep your tan fresh all year long, apply 2x a week.  Retail $7.99
3. Versa Spa Sunless Pro – If you don’t have time to wait for a sunless tanner to kick in and cannot afford a professional bronzing session, then give this instant tanner a try. Sunless Pro tanner goes on evenly and is super quick. The result is you’re left with a nice medium tan. Tip: To avoid runs, apply to skin that is clean and 100% dry. Retail $48.00, visit for retail locations.


4. How-To-Wear from Physician’s Formula – Perfect for beginners to the idea of contouring, this bronzer comes complete with a “how to” guide, angled brush and mirror. Using the “rule of 3” technique, this matte powder leaves you with a natural bronze contour, without looking overdone and “fake”.

5. Happy Booster from Physician’s Formula – Start your day off with a boost with the Happy Booster bronzer from Physician’s Formula.  This bronzer comes in either heart shaped beads or in baked compact and gives you the perfect amount of glow for everyday. A bonus is the mood boosting scent that combines fruit and floral notes.

6. Too Faced Sun Bunny –  This bronzer from Too Faced is a classic for a reason.  The Sun Bunny works with every skin tone, blends like a dream and is great for everything from contouring to highlighting.

7. Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder – Blend the gold and the bronze to get a healthy glow, or use separately to contour and highlight, the flecks of sparkle makes your skin look healthy and glowy.

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