Comic Con 2013 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

To say that Marvel Studios Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was one of this hot ticket panels this year would be an understatement so when 4,000+ people cram into Hall H at Comic Con and gave a cheering roar of “Coulson” when Clark Gregg hit the stage it was pretty clear these fans are hardcore.  The SDCC panel was made up for the the whole cast including Gregg,  Ming Na (Agent Melinda May), Brett Dalton (Agent Grant Ward), Iain De Caestecker (Agent Leo Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Agent Jemma Simmons), Chloe Bennet (Skye), Jeffrey Bell (executive producer),  Joss and Jed Whedon (duh), and moderator Jeph Loeb (chief of Marvel Television/SHIELD executive producer).

“I have that feeling I have not had for a very long time, where I’ve assembled an extraordinary ensemble of ridiculously talented and soon-to-be-full-of-themselves people. The endless possibilities between them and among them; the things we’ve got from the Marvel Universe and the things we’re bringing to the Marvel Universe … I guess I’m just a little excited.” ~ Joss Whedon

So what did the audience get from the panel as far as spoilers from the upcoming series? Not too much.  We can tell you that although earlier reports said that Cobie Smulders would not be returning as Agent Maria Hill, it was a bold faced lie. As fans got to see when instead of the screening a few clips Whedon and crew screened the whole pilot saying “We wanted to bring you a clip, but there were issues with the Disney lawyers…so we’re just gonna show you the episode.”  Turns out that Smulders’ makes a cameo to brief Coulson his new assignment and interview Agent Ward.  The only other tidbit of info came from Jed Whedon who told fans wanting to see Deadpool that this Marvel character would most likely not be turning up this season.

Now obviously we cannot share with you the footage screened at the S.H.I.E.L.D. panel but we will leave you the official trailer.

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