Once Upon A Time Finds Its Ariel in Joanna Garcia

This might be the best casting news from Once Upon A Time since well ever.  As we announced a few weeks back during Comic-Con, OUAT producers announced via a clever little promo clip that the long awaited debut of The Little Mermaid would happen this season but left us with no clue on who will play the all important role…till now.

Co-creator Adam Horowitz tweeted out today that Joanna Garcia (from “Reba” and the ill fated “Animal Practice”) has been cast as Ariel, and well we couldn’t be more pleased.  Long ago (about 2-years to be exact) we had many discussions with friends, on twitter, etc about other Disney characters we would like to see and Ariel was among the top of our list and really only Joanna could fill those fins.  Still no word on what episode Ariel will splash her way to the surface or if her beloved Prince Eric will make an appearance but as soon as we know you’ll know.

Season 3 of Once Upon A Time on September 29 at 8pm ET.


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