Recap: Scandal – More Cattle, Less Bull

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen tonight’s episode of Scandal, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to read away!***

KERRY WASHINGTONWhile at Liv and Rowan are at their weekly Sunday night dinner, Huck and Jake are at Rowan’s hacking into his computer to steal files. Jake was extremely close to getting caught but was able to get in and out with out being seen by a returning Rowan. The next morning, Cyrus and Mellie are in the Oval Office attempting to hire Leo Bergen for Fitz’s reelection campaign. He says that Fitz has many problems and one them being his wife “is a frigid shrew”. Leo thinks Fitz will lose and is not interested in running this campaign. He also knows that they’re only going to him because they ruined their relationship with Olivia.

Josephine Marcus wants Liv’s help. She had baby when she was fifteen and is afraid that the few people that know she is afraid that they could talk. She said that the baby is now a grown woman and she wants her to have her privacy. She doesn’t want to use it as a political gain. Hearing this, Liv sends them to Montana to fix it.


Huck has a video of fitz and rowan’s meeting. Someone is looking to find this secret.  Huck calls jake to tell him about this video and as he’s on the phone, secret service tell him to get in the car.

Cyrus calls Liv asking her if he wants a job to find Josie’s kid. Liv refuses telling him that it is not a good idea for her to work for the White House right now. She calls her team that they have company down there. Harrison and Abby go to the people that Josie knows about the kid to make sure they don’t tell anyone. The White House has a film crew come out and Abby stops them by saying that the white house is meddling in democrats business. They reporters change the story into a puff piece about Josie and her high school sweetheart.


Jake knows that Fitz is hiding something. He knows that Fitz knows they are looking into Remington and that Rowan definitely knows and agents will be sent after them. Jake doesn’t know that Fitz called Rowan and told him to leave Jake alone. Jake stops by at Pope and Associates and runs into Liv asking if she is ok. They leave together to go get dinner.

The gladiators speak to another person that knew about Josie’s secret. They find out that Josie’s baby was raised as her sister, Candy. Livsaid that she can’t keep this a secret and needs to face it head on. If she wants to become the first female president then this is the only way. She refuses letting Liv know that she doesn’t want it that bad.

Fitz asks Cyrus how to get rid of B-316. He said that this is impossible and should just focus on reelection. The Democratic Presidential Debate is on and Liv tells Josie that they will ambush her. She still refuses to admit to nothing. When it comes up in the debate, she decides to finally admit it. Instead of telling the honest truth, she said that the baby was given up for adoption to not hurt her sister. She did a great job and as Cyrus said, “she just won America’s heart”. Her sister did the math though and realized she was that baby. As a result, she fired Olivia.


Drinking wine in her office, her phone rings. It’s Fitz and he tells her that she did a great job in the debate. They talk about the White House C

At the dinner, Sally corners Leo in the bathroom and asks what would happen if she ran for President. He said it would not work but then she corrects him and says that she would run independent. Liv then goes to meet Mellie in the Presidential Suite. She wants her to come back and work on the reelection campaign. Mellie says that Fitz can’t do the job without Liv and says that she is his everything. Fitz needs her, so Mellie needs her too. After Defiance, she said that they owe this to him. He needs a chance to run on his own and win on his own.

orrespondent’s Dinner and how he should not be making his own jokes. He said that he is the joke. She said to mock his image. Fitz tells Liv that he loves her. While on the phone, Mellie overhears the conversation and is hurt by Fitz actually being happy for once. Liv asks Jake to take her to the Correspondent’s Dinner. Huck thinks that it’s really good for her to be going and with Jake.

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Harrison calls Liv after the dinner because Josie is in the office. Josie wants Liv back on her side. Liv doesn’t think she is right for the job because she is considering working with Fitz again. When Jake gets home, Huck explains that Fitz shot down a plane for the government. On the plane was Liv’s mother.

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