#VAmovie Outfit Inspiration: Rose Hathaway

Being a Dhampir-in-training at the St. Vladimir Academy might be tough work but that doesn’t mean fashion has to take a back seat.  Channeling the kick-ass Dhampir Rose Hathaway I’ve put together an outfit that is all about kicking-ass while still looking stylish (which is important when going to school in the middle of Montana).

Just because she’s a guardian doesn’t mean she has to wear a trench, instead I opted for a high-collar black moto jacket for Rose, its stylish yet functional. Under the jacket I kept it loose with a long sleeve black peplum top to allow for movement.  Least you think I would put Rose in all black, think again for a pop of color I went with a pair of red faux-leather pants.  A Dhampir like Rose needs a pair of boots she can run and fight in but that also keep her look put together like these fur collared heel boots.  Finally we can’t have freezing hands so these leather and cashmere gloves allow you to text, tweet, and fight all while keeping staying toasty.

Be sure to catch Rose and the rest of the gang from St. Vladimir’s when Vampire Academy opens nationwide on Friday, February 7, 2014.

Jacket: Alexander McQueen; Pants: Saint Laurent; Top: Alice & Olivia; Shoes: Sergio Rossi; Gloves: DKNY





  1. I seen that you were giving this outfit away and entered with my Twitter account my name is shannonbajorinas if that didn’t work then you can also try @lunajacob12300 so I was wondering if you can just follow me and tell me when the raffle is and who wins I would gladly appreciate it.thank you for you’re time/you’re raffle.

  2. UGH. It’s all so beautiful. Where can I get them?

  3. Misti Schindele

    THANKS! Links to purchase are all in the post. You can also find similar jackets here http://t.co/atCsrSbdnI.

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