Travel 101: Pack Like a Pro with Tips from Top Bloggers & Editors

Warm weather? Check! Upcoming holidays? Check! Travel deals? Check! Let the spring/summer season travel begin!!

Whether you’re headed to a beach to thaw out from this never-ending winter or jetsetting to Vegas or Mexico for the weekend travel season is upon us.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing all our tips, tricks, and recommendations for everything from packing to some of our favorite destinations.  To kick things off we asking some of our friends who just happen to be top bloggers and editors to share their tips for quick and easy packing because lets face it no one likes to pay those pesky baggage fees.

1. Snack Attack! Aly Walansky of suggests keeping a bit to eat handy saying “I have tons of packing tips (i need to in my line of work) – but for business travel, I always pack snacks for the plane. Usually Fiber One bars, but whatever you like.  You never know when you will have flight delays, long travel days, or planes with minimal at best foods to purchase. You never know when you will have a biz itinerary that just doesn’t allow for a lunch break. Keeping snacks in your purse may feel very 8th-grade class trip, but it’ll keep you from passing out in the middle of your journey!”

2. Saving space is key. Angela Gilltrap Editor-in-Chief of Heaven Has Heels says “For me it’s all about the fold and roll. When I’m packing I carefully fold and roll outfits and/or groups of clothing then seal them in zip lock bags. This makes it very easy to unpack on the other end, they remain wrinkle free and most importantly nothing nasty can get on or in them. I’ve traveled to fashion weeks with only a carry on and fifteen outfits thanks to this little gem.”

3. Know Your Schedule. I’ll admit I loathe packing, but as I travel more and more I’ve come to realise that packing last minute is usually a fail. Give yourself enough time to create a list (check it twice like Santa).  As you pack check things off the list, this will help to cut down on items that are not needed but more importantly will help to make sure nothing is left behind i.e. phone charger.

4. Keep your must haves within reaching distance. “I always make sure I pack my essentials (moisturizer, lip hydration, and mascara) in my carry on purse so I know there’s no way they can be lost in luggage drama.” says Luxury Spot editor Bryce Gruber “I always need a refresh of these items after a long flight, and don’t have the heart to risk losing or damaging my most important beauty tools!”

5. Plan ahead. It’s all about how you edit according to Pretty Connected/In His Clothes blogger Lara Eurdolian“I like to lay everything out that I want to bring and then go through and edit it down. (I play the ‘which would I more likely wear’ game). I also have a drawer that’s filled with all of my travel size products and samples which makes packing toiletries that much easier.”

6. Keep it organized. “Other than packing everything in the same color scheme, I love packing everything in portfolios and clutches, like jewelry and toiletries.” recommends blogger/editor Kristin Booker of Fashion.Style.Beauty “That way, I have everything organized and I have at least three handbags at any given point when I fly. 🙂 Also, roll your t-shirts and jersey pieces into your boots and shoes. Saves space. :)”

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