New York City or Bust

I moved to New York City from Denver, CO in 2007.  It was the biggest life change I have ever made and it was terrifying, exciting, and nerve wracking. I spent most of my life from age 10 plotting ways to get out of the suburb of Denver, CO and to either NYC or Los Angeles.

Last photo taken of me before my big NYC move.
Last photo taken of me before my big NYC move.

Years of planning, job hunting, and day dreaming all went down the drain in a matter of seconds as a freak accident landed me in the hospital and looking at my second knee surgery in less than six-months (fourth overall). Thankfully, one person was there to support me, hold my hand when I cried out of pain, anger or sheer frustration, and supply me with an endless supply of cupcakes.  I am talking about my Mother.

Now, I’ve thanked my Mom for many things over the years; my witty sense of humor, giving me my love of music and live-theater, and of course just being my Mom.  However, there is one simple fact that I don’t know if I’ve ever thanked her for, pushing me to live my dream even when I was drowning in self-doubt. Now this wasn’t a typical “moving to a big-city away from my family” type of doubt, this was a fear of how do I survive after what I’ve just been through, what do I do if something happens again. I never voiced these concerns out loud, I kept them inside, shoving these fears deep down with cupcakes.  They say help comes in ways we least expect them and without ever really knowing it, my Mom helped me to focus on what was really important, my happiness.

Through talking about the musicals I would see, the iconic streets and parks, the shopping I could do and telling me just how proud she was of

Celebrating my first birthday in New York City
Celebrating my first birthday in New York City

me, that even though it took a few extra years, her little girl was finally achieving her dream, I realized that while yes my fears were real, they would not stop me from making this life change.

As I reflect back on my past seven years here in New York I’ve come to realize that if I hadn’t dealt with those fears, you would not be reading these words right now. It’s amazing to see how the help my Mother provided me back then was able to shape and determine my future path.  I can’t wait to see what the next seven-years have in store, and I know my Mom along with the rest of my friends and family will be there to lend a hand, shoulder, or ear along the way.


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  1. New York and my mother made me stronger, too! I loved this post 🙂

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