Will Entertainista.com review my product?

Yes, we love to do product reviews.  For any product that you wish for us to review a sample must be provided.  We cannot write about products we have not used ourselves.  All products will be reviewed for a period of 2wks to 30 days to insure we get the best results possible. Please note that just accepting of the product does not guarantee a review will be published.  We reserve the right to not publish negative reviews.   

Where can I send products for review consideration?

Please send an email to info[at]entertainista.com with “PRODUCT REVIEW” in the subject line and we will let you know the best address to ship to.  Please note that we are located in New York City. 

Do you cover events, movie premieres, red carpets, or fashion shows?

100% yes.  We love to cover all of the above.  Do note the following:  We are located in New York City, so for local events at least 1 week notice is preferred.  For events outside of the New York City area, please email info[at]entertainista.com to work out arrangements.  

Can I get a job working for Entertainista.com?

Please check out our CONTRIBUTE page for more details on working for Entertainista.com All positions are non-paid at this time.  

How can I advertise on Entertainista.com?

Please send an email to advertising[at]entertainista.com.  We currently offer ROS and Homepage sponsorship packages using IAB standard units.

How can I suggest content?

We love to get tips on stories or entertainment news.  If you think something should be covered please send an email to info[at]entertainista.com and we will take a look.  We cannot guarantee that all suggestions/news tips will make it onto Entertainista.com

How can I interviews your Editor-in-Chief, Misti Schindele?

For inquiries on both Misti Schindele and Entertainista.com please send an email to press[at]entertainista.com