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Les Grossman to Produce MTV Movie Awards

Mega-producer Les Grossman (Tom Cruise) is back!!! Last time we saw Les Grossman was in 2008 in Tropic Thunder!! Now Grossman (who is¬†portrayed by Tom Cruise) is back to “produce” the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and has teamed Rob Pattinson, and Tom Cruise for various promos for the show. Justin Bieber also shot a promo…Continue Reading

Spoilers on First 3 Episodes of True Blood

With less then a month left till the new 3rd season of ‘True Blood’ we’ve seen 2 trailers, several new posters, and now comings the comes the loglines for the first 3 episodes!! Really only continue to read to if you want to have some clue of what is going to be happening!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Episode…Continue Reading

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